This game was made for Easy Jam (8-bits to Infinity). The game has to be "easy" in some way and has reference to theme "No Enemies". In this game your objective is to throw as many floating junks to corresponding color bin as you can. If you throw them to wrong bin, you lose.

The game supports both mouse and smartphone's accelerometer. I did my best to make them playable in the same way in reasonable time. My aim was to create a very simple yet fun game that requires almost no controls and playable both on Android and Web. I spent about 20 hours to make this game, mostly 2 last days before deadline.

I would like you to leave feedback. I had many concerns about my choices so it understandable the game/prototype/concept can be further improved and even maybe published on Google Play.

Install instructions

Note: APK file made for game jam is not prepared to be published to Google Play and it is signed with debug key.

Here's link to Google Play for this game. Enjoy!


Download 20 MB
Download 21 MB
GC.apk 28 MB

Development log


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Thank you so much Joshua for your feedback! I'm glad you enjoyed my background track :) I've watched your play testing and noted down what to fix and improve. Thanks a lot.