Hi everyone and welcome to my #WeeklyGameJam63 entry called "Ace of the Sky". This game is a 1942 NES game clone but with endless mode. Your objective is to take down as many enemy jets as possible with your miniguns and rocket launchers. Game is splitted to stages where different enemies are spawning from top of the screen. When you reach next stage, all enemies are fleeing and next ones will be appearing much faster. Be careful, your miniguns may overheat and then you have to wait until they cool down. Also, your rocket launchers are not instantly loaded. When you take too much damage or you run out of fuel, you will crash plane.

I hope you will enjoy it as it's my first game made for any jam and second game I've ever made to the end (of course with cutting off features due to small amount of time!).

NOTE: Postjam version 1.0.1 fixes enemy spawn balance issue and makes overheat and fall sounds louder.


Arrow keys: Move your jet around scene

Z: Shoot with your miniguns

X: Launch rocket launchers

ENTER: Proceed to next screen

ESCAPE: Quit game


Digital-7 Font Family by Style-7

A Journey Awaits! Music Track by pbondoer

512 Sound Effects (8-bit style) by SubspaceAudio

Install instructions

1. Download game package for your operating system

2. Extract .zip

3. Launch aceofthesky file


aceofthesky_windows.zip 19 MB
aceofthesky_linux.zip 20 MB
aceofthesky_html5.zip 13 MB
aceofthesky_postjam_windows.zip 19 MB
aceofthesky_postjam_linux.zip 20 MB

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