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This is my first game (I prefer calling it prototype, as it has "raw" graphics and a lot of unpolished features) ever made to the end. It took me 3 weeks to accomplish this. It is basically "yet another snake game" made for learning purposes, mostly how engine works and it's programming language.  It is heavily inspired by an another remake called Fire Dragon released for Nintendo Entertainment System.

Basics of original Snake remains: As you eat more food, your tail grows too. After eating some of them, maintaining your movements will be more and more difficult. Avoid anything that's not your food, otherwise snake die and you lose.

Game includes 10 playable levels and 2 difficulty levels.


UP/DOWN/LEFT/RIGHT arrow keys or W/S/A/D - move snake and change selection in main menu

ENTER - confirm

ESCAPE - cancel

Enjoy the game!

Install instructions

Download ZIP file (or play in your browser) corresponding to OS you are gonna use to play game. Then extract it and run executable file (Snake.x86_64 - Linux, Snake.exe - Windows)

Or you can clone repository on your computer and then import project.godot file to Godot 3.0 (your operating system doesn't matter).


Download 14 MB
Download 15 MB

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